Beyond the basics.  


What's the difference?


The difference is why our company was founded. SureTrust Title is a Veteran and family owned company. Our talented staff consists of Board Certified Florida Attorneys and licensed real estate professionals. After enduring our own challenging experiences in the title process and hearing from other real estate agents, brokers, and developers voice their concerns and frustration with the lack professionalism and expertise in the industry, SureTrust Title was born.


We go beyond the basics. What we offer is truly unique. It isn't just about what services we offer, but who is offering these services to you. That's the difference. SureTrust Title is dedicated to giving you the attention you deserve to ensure professionalism and reliability, from day one to closing day, every time. Our team of agents have worked extensively in real estate, foreclosures, land use, and law and have vast knowledge and expertise to navigate complex transactions, legal challenges, and situations and can write policies most may avoid due to lack of experience.

While real estate closings may appear to be a relatively simple process, a lack of understanding or proper search and review can lead to major delays in the closing process and possible issues even after the closing is complete. Knowing your rights and exposure to risk are vital when buying or selling real estate! Contact us to help you navigate through the title and escrow process.