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Your SureTrust Title Escrow Officer will explain your Settlement Statement following his or her receipt of the lender’s package. That said, this is a general guide to who pays what.

Seller's can generally expect to pay:

  • Owner’s title insurance policy premium

  • Real estate commission

  • 1/2 of the escrow fee

  • Any loan charges required by Buyer’s lender, if specified in the purchase contract

  • Loan payoff,  plus interest charges including but not limited to statement, reconveyance and/or prepayment fees.

  • Any repair work, specified in the purchase contract

  • Home Warranty, if specified in the purchase contract

  • Any encumbrance of record against the seller

  • Recording charges to clear all documents of record against the seller

  • Prorated property taxes and/or delinquent taxes to date of close

  • Unpaid HOA dues or assessments

  • HOA transfer fee, if specified

  • HOA Disclosure Statement


Buyer's can generally expect to pay:

  • Lender’s title insurance policy premium

  • 1/2 of the escrow fee

  • All new lender charges except those required by lender for seller to pay

  • Recording charges

  • Interest on new loan

  • Hazard insurance premium

  • Property tax impounds as required by new lender

  • Advance HOA management payments (if applicable)


Note: FHA, VA, and other specialty loans may have specific fee stipulations.